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Custy asking Michelle out on a date very awkwardly.

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girl: he cheated on me

me: then break up with him

girl: but-

me: bye

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alphabet soup more like times new ramen am i right

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the way to my heart is through well-written fanfiction

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fashion encyclopedia: Zuhair Murad resort 2015

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Finger traps in wrong places


The Doctor knew that question had to of come along at one point or another. He was honestly surprised it hadn’t sooner. Still, his smile remained as he gave a light chuckle. 

"Just after I regenerated, got this brand new face, it just sounded good, really. Always get strange cravings ‘n things after regenerating. Whole new body, whole new mouth, y’know."

Pausing a moment, he began to tug her along and out into the corridor, continuing as he did so, “Started out as apples, though, several other things as well. Just a good thing Amelia—”

Suddenly the Doctor stopped speaking after the name slipped, his mouth remaining open for a moment before closing. His smile faltered just slightly as he looked ahead, silence passing for a moment more before his smile strengthened once more and he looked over to Michelle.


He began again, much less enthusiastic this time, “Well, anyway, glad I found out ‘bout the combination when I did, ay? Because it’s a brilliant one. Besides, what’s wrong with strange, Miss Morris?”

Michelle’s smile fell as he paused suddenly— the look on his face concerning her. Amelia must have been another past companion of his. Someone he no doubt lost in one way or another…

Though she was curious, she thought it better not to ask. It was clear the subject matter was painful for him. Perhaps someday he’d tell her on his own. She properly hoped for that.

She turned to him and allowed her smile to come back as he asked that last question, “Nothin’s wrong with strange, Custard Man. Turns out I’m quite attracted to it. Just somethin’ else we share in common, yea? I’m just tryin’ to understand the inner genius of the combination, is all— is that so wrong?”